Singapore will not take a hands-off attitude to property cycle

"Let me be very clear that the Government cannot and will not take a hands-off attitude to the property cycle," National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in a speech last month.

3. Our Attitude Towards Public Property. Just recently, we wrote about bicycle-sharing startups and their plight with irresponsible users in Singapore. While there are many pronounced differences between Singaporeans and Malaysians, in this one aspect we might be similar. There is a prevailing low sense of civic duty towards public property.

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SINGAPORE – If the Government had not stepped in with measures in July to cool the property market such that there are now signs of moderation, property prices would have surged ahead, possibly.

This resulted in the loss of income for Malaysia as more and more crypto businesses were registered in Singapore because we do not have a friendly environment here," the observer said. Additionally, Ting said the malaysia digital economy Corp is currently looking at Singapore when it comes to initiatives involving cryptocurrency.

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The government has concluded that it cannot take a "hands-off" approach to managing Singapore’s property market and allow bubbles to develop. "This is not what a responsible government would do," says Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance.

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The road to a less car-dependent society . 19 May 2017.. While Singapore is a leader in urban transportation mobility, it still devotes a significant amount of resources to building roads. As of 2013, roads account for 12 per cent of Singapore’s land area, only a little under housing, which.

Singapore. do not believe their actions can make a difference to the country’s carbon footprint. The authorities are trying to change this attitude. "We feel it is important to raise the level of.

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