`go build -mod vendor` fails to make use of vendored packages

Let’s start making use of packages to organize our project. Go doesn’t allow we to have two Vendoring. This project will work on your machine as long as you have runned go get locally to fetch the This means that you can place your dependencies into your project’s vendor folder instead of.

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Wrappers for the go command emerged, each slightly different. The secondary goals were to make a tool that worked at the package level and could provide quick insight into the status of vendor packages. Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Make vendored copy of dependencies.

vendor make vendored copy of dependencies (vendor). verify verify dependencies have expected content (). why explain why packages or modules are needed (). bug, go mod download -dir

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"go build" and "go install". "go get" command. Use govendor to implement vendoring. Since Go 1.6, if there is a vendor directory in current package or its parent’s directory, the dependency will be searched in vendor directory Govendor is such a tool to help you make use of the vendor feature.

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use bosh vendor-package command to copy over existing package. use job colocation (with necessary package dependencies). As an example, if release encapsulates a Go application that needs to be compiled with Go compiler (as most Go apps do), release.

dustin/go-humanize is a helpful Go package to format number, string and time. Without using Glide, we could solve this build error by running the go get command. Dependency’s version is managed by glide.lock. Commit the vendor folder or not is still.

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